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Questions to Ask Your Movers Up Front

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

We've all been there with a company or other type of business at some point. You arrive at the day of service, or perhaps you're getting your first look at the invoice, and you come across something shocking that throws everything off balance.

It might be extremely tiring sometimes. As a result, you have to take a step back, assess the situation, and determine what needs to be done to move forward with your moving company in Lower Mainland, BC.

When it comes to hiring a moving company, this feeling can easily creep up on an individual who wasn't prepared for it. Movers are notorious for being less than forthcoming about their fees, and some will gladly provide you with detailed estimates.

The thing is, some moving companies in British Columbia will only give you the minimum amount of information it takes to get you to sign on the dotted line. The other thing is, you really should own some of that frustration yourself.

You have to be the one who looks out for you. That means when you’re hiring a moving company, you need to ask enough questions upfront so you don’t have to be surprised with something later. Here’s some of what you should find out.

Do You Participate in Any Moving Associations?

Learn right away whether the firm you're thinking about is connected with any of the major moving organizations like the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM). Before they may join, these moving companies have certain criteria that they must meet. Knowing that a moving company meets the requirements of this sort of association can give you peace of mind.

What Is Your Physical Address?

This is crucial in today's environment, where it's quite likely that you're attempting to book your moving company on the internet. There's nothing wrong with looking for your movers on the web, but it opens the door for unscrupulous individuals to exploit those who don't ask enough questions.

A real address is essential when hiring a moving company. They'll have storage units, moving trucks, office space, and other equipment necessary for relocation. If you request for a physical address but don't receive one, it's likely you're dealing with an unethical fly-by-night firm.

How Do You Calculate the Expenses Included in the Estimate for My Move?

The estimate will be for a moving firm. That doesn't imply you'll know where the statistics come from. Request an explanation of how the numbers were generated from the company representative. Also, if they inform you of an estimated cost over the phone but nothing else, inquire whether they will conduct a visual survey in your home soon. The majority of businesses will provide a no-cost in-home estimate.

Do You Have Adequate Insurance Coverage?

It is critical that you use a moving company that has sufficient insurance to cover your possessions during the move. If something goes wrong and your furniture or other belongings are damaged or lost, you want to be certain that you're protected. Movers are required by law to have a basic level of insurance, but it might not be enough to cover everything you own.

You should also find out whether the mover offers additional insurance for purchase. This is typically referred to as valuation coverage, and it will give you added protection in case something does happen to your possessions.

Long-distance moves are based on weight and how far away you’re going. Without seeing what’s in your house, it would be very hard for a moving company to come up with an estimate that’s very close to what you really might be spending.

Do You Offer Any Other Moving Services and for How Much?

If you don't inquire about other services that the movers will be responsible for, you could find yourself in a position where you must do some of the work that you had not anticipated. We're talking about packing and unpacking, disassembly and reassembly, as well as whether the business can offer storage if required.

Not all moving companies are considered full-service businesses. They may not provide packing or reassembling services. Alternatively, they may offer it but at a high cost. Before you choose a certain moving companies, find out what all of the services are available and how much they will cost you.

What Are the Protection Plans Offered?

Protection coverage for your items while they're in transit might differ depending on the company you choose. Look into each one thoroughly and pick the one that meets your needs. We recommend going with full coverage, but it's up to you. If a firm doesn't provide any protection plans, look for another mover. This is an indication of trouble.

How Do You Pack Fragile or Delicate Things?

We all have items in our homes that mean a lot to us for one reason or another. Some things come from places we’ve been; some come from people we love, and some may even contain the remains of people we love. Because there are items that are absolutely irreplaceable, it’s important to know how a company handles things like that.

Find out if they use special packaging for certain things. Do they have the means to get special containers for items that may require them? You also want to make sure that they will transport all of the items that you have. If you find out they won’t move something upfront, you can make other arrangements for whatever it is.

When Will Your Stuff Be Delivered?

Surprisingly, this is a question that is frequently overlooked. It's critical, however. You should have a concept of when your belongings will be delivered. The firm won't be able to tell you exactly when your goods will arrive, but they will provide you with a delivery date range. They'll be aware of the day they must inform you as the delivery date approaches.

When you're making your plans, you need to know when to expect the movers. This includes taking time off from work, making sure the kids are out of school, and clearing your schedule so that you can be there when they arrive.

You also want to make sure that you won’t be charged extra for an expedited delivery. If you need your things delivered by a certain date, ask if there will be an additional fee. Some companies will charge more while others include it in the estimate.

Be Your Best Advocate

It's up to you to discover all you need to know about your relocation. Many reputable moving companies in Maple Ridge will provide the answers to these questions without requiring an invitation. That's a fantastic indicator. If they don't, be sure to ask the appropriate questions at the appropriate time so that you can avoid feeling as though you've been unexpectedly assaulted on the head with a two-by-four.

We understand that this is an exciting time, but it's also a very hectic one. Be sure to have all of your ducks in a row (or at least most of them) so that you can enjoy the process and look back on it with positive memories instead of regretting not asking certain things. Good luck!

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